What to watch out for when you buy a UV money detector

By Leif Palm, SE Sedeldetektor, Stockholm, Sweden.

Can daylight be dangerous?
We have read about the high risk of getting skin cancer from sun-bathing. Your skin and eyes are exposed to the suns UV radiation which has increased over the years due to decreasing ozone layer. Ten to fifteen years of frequent sun- bathing can cause skin cancer from the UV B radiation. UV A radiation is dangerous also for your eyes and may cause cataracts. Too much sun on your skin also makes it less smooth, you get wrinkles and your skin ages earlier.

Three kinds of UV light
There are three kinds of UV light: UV A in high amounts which reaches the earth in large amounts, UV B which is mainly filtrated out by the ozone layer and reaches the earth in much lower concentration, and UV C is almost totally filtered out by the atmosphere.

UV lamps
A traditional UV money detector gives UV A radiation if it is not equipped with a UV filter. It could also give UV B and C radiation if the manufacturer uses cheaper tubes (the painted coating usually cracks and comes off after some weeks in use). The safer and more expensive UV tubes use Woods Glass where the UV B and UV C filter is melted into the glass. Only experts can tell the difference.

Hazardous radiation
You are exposed to higher doses of radiation during a days work in front of a traditional UV money detector without a UV filter than from a days sun-bathing on the beach. According to SSI, the Swedish Radiation Institute, the recommended maximum exposure time in front of a 4W UV lamp is 13 hours/day, a 6W UV lamp 6 hours/day, measured c:a 50 cm from the lamp.
Look straight into a UV tube for a minute or two. You will feel like you have sand in your eyes. When you shut your eyes for a while your eyelids acts like a filter and the pain dissappears.

Light intensive environments
The light intensive environment in todays shops makes it harder for the cashier to detect false money and credit cards using a traditional UV money detector. The high ambient lighting makes it difficult to see the UV safeguards. Traditional UV money detectors had to be placed where there is less general light; under a shelf, under the desk or other place away from incoming light. This is bad from an ergonomic point of view - it may strain your back and arms when you use it frequently.

SD-90 - a new generation of UV detectors
SE Sedeldetektor has developed a new generation of money detectors, the SD-90.

Strong UV power
The SD-90 uses a modern low energy UV lamp which gives very intensive UV light, equivalent to 20W. The ambient light does not interfere with the intensive UV light from the SD-90 and it can be placed anywhere.

UV Shield radiation filter
SE Sedeldetektor has developed a new type of UV filter to protect the user from the harmful UV radiation. This filter reduces the radiation by 99,99%.
SSI has tested the SD-90 with UV-Shield and measured the ultraviolet radiation and it is a fraction of possible exposure outdoors. This means it is more dangerous to stay outside in daylight than in front of the SD-90 UV money detector.

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